What Beautifull On Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach is where the locals come to hang out and you will know exactly why when you head here. The sight of the placid waters of the sea and the relatively clean beach is a big draw not just for tourists but also the local population. Incidentally this shore has witnessed several historic events like pitched naval battles and the arrival of ships from far off areas. This is also the place that has seen several senior national leaders including the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Indira Gandhi and Krishna Menon making public speeches. What caught my eyes when I came here were the two dilapidated piers that can be seen extending into the sea.

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It is said that many cranes on these piers used to load spices and other goods for exports. You can also see an old lighthouse here that is camouflaged by a thick tree cover. If you are here early morning, you can see locals walking and kids having fun playing on the shore. Also the early morning breeze is perfect to catch the beautiful historical sights on the opposite side of the beach while you witness a magnificent sunrise. Alternately if you want to enjoy the beach, it is a good idea to visit this place in the evening as the weather in these parts is quite humid and hence it is best to avoid this when the sun is shining bright!

The beauty of Kerala is all about its beautiful beaches and its slow living, so it is not a surprise that the Kozhikode Beach is thronged by tourists and the locals alike. The beach located at the Malabar coast of India is known to be a clean one, and has many attractions in its premises. Kozhikode Beach is largely popular among guests who want to enjoy the sunset.

Needless to say it is one of the best beaches for tourists to bask in the natural glories of the state of Kerala. The Dolphin Point is known to be the place of utmost joy for kids and adults alike, because here you can actually witness dolphins at play. The beach has a 28 km beach road, and has been delighting people since a long time.
Here on the southern side of the beach you can find a bazaar, which used to be the place for European and Arab traders a few centuries ago. There are many attractions here, from markets to buy souvenirs, to eateries lines up and waiting to serve hungry guests. There are some interesting entertainment options for people here, such as the Lions Park for children, and also the marine water aquarium with loads of aquatic attractions that can enthral the senses.


Covid-19 On The Travel And Tourism Industry

COVID-19 pandemic broke out when the travel and tourism industry was at its peak. There was a trend among the new generation spending more time and money on recreational activities as stress relievers. Travel and Tourism were prominent activities in this regard. The spread of the pandemic was so fast and gripping that the country itself got into complete lockdown and consequent shocks in every aspect of the economy. The study attempted to analyze the changes that occurred in the travel and tourism industry as a result of the pandemic. The study made use of statistical tools such as five-point Likert scale analysis, Wilcoxon Test, Chi-Square Test to analyze the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the Travel and Tourism industry in Kerala.The study inferred from the analysis that lockdowns due to the Covid pandemic had significant and enduring negative impacts on the business prospects of stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry.

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When COVID-19 hit Kerala tourism

Three persons testing positive for COVID-19 and declaration of the epidemic a “State calamity’ by the government have come as a bolt from the blue for the tourism industry. It came when the industry was on the recovery path after Cyclone Ockhi, Nipah outbreak, and floods in the past three years.

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Though the government withdrew the calamity warning within five days and the scare that gripped the State is gradually dying down, tourism, one of the fast-growing sectors in Kerala, is at the crossroads.

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With COVID-19 spreading to Europe, Middle East, and Latin America, holidayers, both domestic and international, have preferred to keep away from the destination and leisure tourism has almost been wiped off. There has been no recovery from the mass cancellations that poured into the reservation desks of hotels and resorts in the first week of February as soon as reports of positive cases came in.

The holidayers spotted at the destinations were mainly free independent travellers, Europeans who had prior bookings and preferred to fly down ignoring travel advisories, and those who came for wellness therapies.